Human stupidity!

Human evolution!

After watching a documentary about sharks I decided I wanted to share my opinion about how stupid the human race really is.
Of course the evolution and extermination of the human beings is not only based on the stupidity of chasing and killing sharks, but this is a major part of destroying our lifesupport. Oxygen, the thing we need most of all to be able to live and breathe. Now where do we get oxygen? We get it from the ocean. What goes on under the surface, in a world we know to little about is the engine that keeps the earth running, and all we do is kill and destroy, pick our machine, our respirator apart! Why?  For money!

Sharks are the species that control the ocean, the top of the ecosystem chain under water and by killing the shark, whiping it out of existence makes us unaware of what will happen to the world!
Are humans developed enough to take such a risk? Are we able to go on living under different circumstances than the once we have today?
Have the humans that are trying their best killing the earth ever thought the thought, what happens if the production of oxygen decreases, or even stops? Will we be able to become fishes? Grow gills so we can “breathe” under water? And if we can’t go on living by killing the top species in a foodchain and an ecosystem, then what are we with the money for? That amongst other things is provided to us by sharkfins?
The basic laws of ecology are being whiped out by killing in the ocean, mainly sharks that are the species that control the ocean.

(No species have ever survived breaking the rules of ecology, neither will we)

This devastating impact on earth that we have caused, we have managed to do in only 100 years. The last 100 years out of mankinds many million years of living.

Sharks has been here for 400 000 000 (400 million) years and still not killed eachother, not developing something they originally hadn’t because they have an obsession for power to control the world. Not started any seawars (worldwars) to eliminate another race or to take over land  only for assets that result in money or power! The main question that reappears within me is: Why? And what are you going to do with your powers and your money when you have destroyed the earth and whiped out the human race? Or at least made sure that we cannot and will never be able to live the life we once lived?

They say humans are the smartest ever living creature on the face of the earth. To be truly honest I’d be happy to be something other than a human being if this is what we call being smart?

Who or what will appear on earth after mankind has fulfilled it’s destruction is uncertain, but surly they can not be as stupid as we are!?
They are gonna think of us as barbarians for what we did, and what makes it even worse is that we know what we are doing! Humans a smart being? I don’t think so!

Human beings are an era, just like the dinosaurs. Humans are not an everlasting species. We depend on the oceans for oxygen, the ocean that sharks control. We are killing the shark, a living creature that has survived 5 major extinctions! But will it survive the most dangerous predator of all times, the human being?

See this documentary, help save the shark in any way you can. If there is nothing you can do by action or economically, at least you can do what I’m doing, you can express you opinion so that you at least is trying to make a difference.

Must count for something?

Watch, Sharkwater and visit savingsharks.com

Thank you for listening.


2 Responses to “Human stupidity!”

  1. 1 petrifyzone
    June 14, 2008 at 3:20 pm

    Har inte sett dokumentären men allt om miljön och det här i dagens samhälle.. Så länge vi alla 9 miljarder inte strävar efter samma mål (att rädd våran jord) så lär nog våran era också ta slut en dag. Men en vanlig person kan inte göra allt förutom små saker och om inte alla enagerar sig så är det en dag kört.

    Klart vi är dom intelligentaste varelserna på jorden annars skulle vi inte ha alla städer och så i världen. Om hajar kunde upp och vandra på jorden skulle de kanske vara en annan sak. Man kanske ska ta och se dokumentären innan man yttrar sig mer i detta inlägg. =)

    Men nu fotboll!

  2. 2 chris roske
    April 29, 2009 at 4:15 am

    i just want to say thank you for blogging about this topic, most people dont want to talk about or just dont want to listen or even believe it is true. i have a cause on facebook called sharkwater that i have started to help get people to understand if you would like to join i would appricate it. thank you for your time

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