Isabell on vacation!

My mom and dad where here yesterday to bring Isabell to their house. Grandpa has a vacation and they wanted Isabell to come visit since they love her so much. Good timing with my hands and everything, so that Katja also gets a vacation. Katja has done a good job taking care of Isabell now when I can’t do so much, so a vacation is needed. And Isabell won’t complain getting away from her parents for a few days :)

They have had her there before of course, and at times it has felt good to be able to breathe a bit, to be able to do anything you want to do. So a babywatch is appreciated at times.
But I have to say it felt different this time to see her leave, and it feels different not having her around this time. I have no idea why but it feels empty ;) Even though she has been a bit cranky lately, I want her home again :P
I miss my little girl, and her wise words and thoughts. She makes so funny statements and comments all the time. And to see her play with a teddy or even a plastic Bart Simpson is a joy. She has long conversations with her animals and toys. When her plastic phone rings she answer’s it and talks to who ever she wish has called her :)
She is extremely active, and that is 12 hours a day, how does she do it? Where does all that energy come from?

Last time she was away to grandma and grandpa’s, I was with her for a few days and then went home. Maybe thats why I miss her extra much this time? I want to see her there aswell, what she is doing, what she is saying, I like to see her play, I like to hear her talk. And of course I love it when she comes to me and says, I love you daddy and gives me the biggest hug imaginable.

Enjoy yourself with the old folks little one, and come home soon :)

I have made a “Page” about Isabell that I want everyone to see. So check it out, some information and pictures of my lovely daughter!


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