Last week was vacation time for me Katja, Isabell and aunt Eveliina.
My mom and dad was going to Denmark for 5 days so we took over their house for the moment.
Was very nice to get out to the countryside a bit and relax.

Isabell longed for us to get moving, and when the moment arrived she acted fast and grabed the bag.
Allright, finally!
This was fun, are we there yet?

Grandma and grandpa was going away the day after, so I decided that we should go do something Isabell loves to do when she is visiting. Go and throw rocks in the water and say “plupp” :D
Grandpa, more rocks please!
After this adventure Isabell was finished for the day and fell a sleep quite quickly when we got home :)

In the morning, yes morning 6 am I got up and drove mom and dad to the trainstation, went home and slept som more hehe.
When we got up the other grandma called and said she was on the way.
We ate lunch, and then it was time to do something. We decided to go shopping. We went to Norrköping, first a little tour around my old hometown to see if all was alike since I lived there, mostly it was and I enjoyed the tour.
Then for some serious shopping :)
Some furniture for the small?
Thats what I’m talk’n about dad!
Or why not the real deal?
Oh I love shopping, so fun!

Well no business in the furniture department this time.
But we did shop, and shopping makes ya hungry.
McDonalds ———–>
Real nice, why aren’t we here more often?

We slept real tight that nigh, shopping also makes you tired ;)

Dad grow his own potatoes, and the lunch was suppose to be served with potatoes, Isabell loved to help dig it up. This is what we got.
Look what I brought for lunch!
And this is how lunch is served in this house.
Wishful thinking!

My parents beds are real comfortable, and they fit more than enough people.
It was vacation, one is allowed to be a bit lazy =D

Grandma decided to ask if she could take Isabell home with her, we said, ask Isabell…….. Ok byee, do you love being with mom and dad? ^^
Yes she does, but she absolutely adores her grandparents, and not having been with this grandmother for a while, she gladly whent along…
So 3 gone, 2 to go. Me and Katja, but we enjoyed ourselves. Watching movies, taking a ride in the car, going places.
Kinda beautlful.
Bråviken, Norrköping
Same place same time… I love these views, absolutely wonderful!

Of course the vacation had to end, at systembolaget. The alcohol store :)
We had to have a little party with our new naighbour Marika when we got home, bought some beer home and of course asked mom and dad if they had any good stuff at home.
Two of these and a load of beer….
….. and the party was on……..
And when you have gotten som wine and beer in ya, things start to get kinda blurry and all of a sudden it’s……
…..Game Over! :D

Yes I hade a headache the day after, but it was worth it. Was a shit load of fun.

Hows that for a vacation?


5 Responses to “Vacation..”

  1. July 20, 2008 at 3:35 pm

    Trevlig läsning med gulliga bilder, de flesta hehe:D
    Din blogg säger mkt om hur den “riktiga” Martin är i spootlight MrD borde det va en länk hit så folk får se den riktigt goa sidan av dig, och inte som nu en del läst tex vissa kommentars dispyter med din gode vän och bildar sig felaktiga uppfattningar:)
    Ha de gött gubben:P

    July 22, 2008 at 11:19 pm

    Bra skrivet mats. Jag har sedan länge avslöjat dig martin serru=). Att bakom den tuffa fasaden finns en underbar pappa till isabell och man till katja. Jag känner dig inte på riktigt men som jag sagt tidigare så visar du här vem du är. Inte alla pappor, tyvärr, som skulle visa upp sin familj på ett sådant fint sätt som du gör. Katja och isabell kan vara stolta över dig och jag vet att de redan är det.
    Oj! Var det verkligen jag som skrev dessa fina rader tro?? Så klart det va=)

  3. 3 superfarsan
    July 23, 2008 at 12:22 am

    Tack för den kommentaren, ärlig som jag är blev jag lite förvånad, men väldigt glad givetvis :)
    Jag skulle inte kunna tänka mig annat än att visa upp min underbara familj, jag älskar ju dom och det är jag stolt över :)
    Visst, en hård fasad, men det är behövligt ibland. Och jag har nog mer nytta av det än tvärtom, om man ser till livet i allmänhet!

  4. July 23, 2008 at 12:39 am

    Du skriver himla bra Martin! O så fina bilder =)))

    O oj då snacka om att nån blev full hahahhaha

  5. 5 superfarsan
    July 23, 2008 at 1:26 am

    Vaddå full, det minns jag inte ;) ??

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