BBQ Time.

Today has been quite a long day. I was going to a seminar in the morning today. Expecting to go up at 7.45 am, well at 6.45 am a little lady stands there and stairs right in to me, again!! Hey Daddy!! I actually managed to stay in bed till 7.45 but not without interruption hehe.

Well up and away to the seminar, tired as “biiip” I felt I could have fallen a sleep at any moment just sitting there listening.
Well home we ate lunch, Isabell helped me, she was great wish I had a picture of it :/
After lunch Isabell was tired and cranky. Whining about anything, told her to go sleep, but NOOO. She found her moments in between the whining though.
Oh boy did she laugh, apparently it was fun :)

But it didn’t last very long, so I got enough. I took her to our bed went and got a fairytail (Mickey Mouse), read it thrue, and now you all thing she slept!!??
Nope, she came over to me, gave me a hug and pat me on the head and said, there daddy, like it was me going to sleep HAHAHA so cute..
I had to pat her head and strike her back for her to fall a sleep. When I thought she was gone I took my hand off her back to check. Of course, she turned around and smiled. She pointed at her back and whispered, pat my back daddy hehe^^ She fell a sleep finally.

We woke her up when we where going to the neighbour for a barbecue, she was going to play with Benjamin.
First person she saw was Carro (Katjas cousin) and she ran over there straight away, Carro is her absolute favourite.
Very happy with all the people around ;)

Benjamin was real happy Isabell had arrived, look.
Run, run, run. Play, play, play :)

I had to entertain Kweli aswell, she was hungry the poor girl, but she forgot that when I knocked on the table ;)
She likes me, wiihooo ^^

Kweli was so tired, that when she had eaten she fell a sleep in moms arms.
Very cute little girl.
I have to fall a sleep now so I can wake up when mom is about to eat :P
She did but she was calm and happy so mom could eat, good girl :)

Benjamin got tired of waiting for dinner, he got so bored.
And where did all the water go?

Took some time with the barbecue, but once finished it was delicious. Yumm :D

When we got home, me and Isabell whent thrue some pictures on the computer.
I noticed she has started looking at boys haha
There is Robert Karlsson, Robert Karlsson plays golf she says :)
So true so true…. Clever… like her old man   (?)

After this she voluntarily went to bed, first to mom and said good night, and then she almost ran to her bed, waiting for daddy to make her gruel.
Went in with it and got myself a big hug.
And before I went out she asked me to turn her disco lights on haha

Good Night sunshine!


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