Family cruise :)

Tuesday afternoon we got packing and on our way to the brand new boat Silja

In our rental car. The family car.Skoda Octavia
Really nice car, never been in one before. Recommend this 1 for sure. Aspecially if you have my company.

We had to eat on the way to the boat. Whats better than McDonald’s ;)
Looooove it ^^

On the terminal there was a bit of waiting.
Luckily I had a bag to lean on….
There was a lot of people waiting at the gate.

When they started letting people thrue, I followed my aunt and grandma.
Look at my wonderful bag!

The boat looked great, giraffes and stuff on it ;)
Newest boat.

Wow what a comfy double bed!!!
To bad I said I wanted to sleep in grandma’s cabin.

Mom and dad went partying, as usual ;)
Well welll….
….they obviously had fun….
Looks tasty.
Hmmm, go to bed already. :P

I fell a sleep in my cart.
Well seems they met up with me grandma and Rutan while partying. But how rude to take a picture of one that is sleeping!

After a good nights sleep I found my way to the playground again. Mom and dad met me there :)
Boooo hahaha

Oh I had fun on this cruise. Look.

Mummi (grandma) bought this for me :)

Kweli looked like she was freezing.

Dad was on the sundeck with his hangover, and he took a picture of our future house?
How you gonna pull that 1 off daddy?
It was beautiful up there, wasn’t there but he showed me this.
I can settle with that house dad.

And he took the opportunity to slack some on his own.
He needed it hehe

Rutan was on deck, so I knocket on the window and we looked at eachother =)
Daddy says I’m cute?

Mom and dad was getting ready to leave the boat, I borrowed the window :P
Hahahah this was awesome.

Trip home… after stopping in Södertälje to eat Pizza with everyone + Ukki (grandpa)
I slept good in this car.

A shame we couldn’t keep it…
Dad had returned it already when I woke up!

Thx all for the fun cruise and all the great company!
Best wishes from Isabell!


2 Responses to “Family cruise :)”

  1. 1 carro
    August 1, 2008 at 10:11 pm

    tror verkligen hon hade ett roligt äventyr! Detta kommer bli en i raden av måååånga X-ningar i livet, om hon blir som sin släkt hehe! :)

  2. 2 superfarsan
    August 1, 2008 at 11:45 pm

    Hahha, ja och det blir hon ju med all sannolikhet ;)
    Bra att hon tyckte om det, kul och se henne på båten.

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