British Open 2009

The British Open 2009 has really turned out to be the surprise tournament of the year in more than 1 way. Not only do we see players that hasn’t been in the hot seat for a while up and running towards the top. Not only do we see a joined leader who has never in his life played links golf. We also see a 59 year old shared for the weekend lead and the worlds number one player out of the tournament! How come it got like this?

Well, from my point of wiew I find it really simple. Players that has won majors before but not shown themselves on top of the leaderboards lately get their “glow” back when coming to the British Isles playing links golf. It’s not only a joy of sceenary, it’s a place where you play golf you play nowhere else. They hit shots they never would dream of on any other place in the world, this makes The British Open unique and fun for the “oldies”. For the same reason Steve Marino is in share of the lead and will play in the last paring today saturday. He fell in love with the game played at a links course. He gets to invent golfshots he never played before and boy he is successful so far. And the fact that Tom Watson is doing so well is amazing. But I can’t say I am that surprised really, last year it was Greg Norman if you remember. Tom Watson has not only won on this course before, he know how to play links golf. He is very straight from the tee and he has really gotten his putter going!

When it comes to Tiger Woods! The fairytale boy, the boy who does the impossible, all the time and in all sorts of ways! Please, realize that Tiger “Eldrick” Woods still is a human being. For sure even Tiger needs to have a really bad day sometimes, well obviously he did yesterday. I am surprised, sure I am, but at the same time I have to say I’m not. He has won 3 tournaments this year and managed to stay at the number one position on the world ranking, and that after recently recovering from another knee operation, that is more surprising. It’s hard not to wonder what this guy is made of. You would think that he’d have a tough year on the course and probably lose that first spot, but he just walks right out there and right back into the wolds elite in golf!
So who are we to criticize that he misses the cut at The British Open. For crist sake the man missed his 5th!!!!! cut in his 13 year carrer as a pro golfer!

Watson.Woods Watson & Woods

I like Tiger, I want him to win more majors and be admitted as the best golfer in the world. But the question I ask, isn’t he already? He hasn’t played nearly as many years as Nicklaus and not even close to as many majors and other events and still he is so close!

Allthough at present time Tiger Woods can only enjoy The British Open from the side last 2 days, which I sure he will do being the sportsman he is! Well done Tiger making the finish you did the last 3 holes after that dreadful middle part of the 2nd round!

Back to the action then! Here is the leaderboard coming into the weekend.


Interesting names on that leaderboard even without Tiger. Retief Goosen, Vijay Sing, Sergio Garcia and others of course.

Retief Goosen has a task keeping the statistics. He won his 1st U.S. Open 7 years after Ernie Else won his 1st, he won his 2nd U.S. Open 7 years after Ernie Else won his 2nd, and now it is 7 years since Ernie Else won The British Open. What a story that would be to tell when he gets older :) If he wins it also means that he will be joind with Erinie Els, Phil Mickelson, Padraig Harrington and Vijay Sing on 3 major titles. 3 major titles is also the the most majors won by a today active player, after Tiger Woods with his 14!

That can also change, Vijay Sing is back on the scene and in a good spot for the weekend. If he wins The British Open 2009 he will be the second best active golfer when it gets to major titles.

Then we have a few of the best players in the world who has not yet managed to win a major championship.
I’m going to start with Sergio Garcia who is a player that has spent a lot of time on the top 10 in the world rankings, but strangly enough not been able to win a major. In my opinion it is time for him to do so and he is the player I will cheer on thrueout the weekend!
Then we have a man that has been so close, and recently aswell. 1 shot behind in the 2008 U.S. Open for instance. Lee Westwood is also a player that I think should have a major trophy in his cupboard when he gets old.

So who do I want to see as a winer of The British Open 2009?

First of all Sergio Garcia, cause he has been so close so many times and because he is a very talented player who never gives up. Impressed that he manages to stay on the top 10 in the world rankings!

Then a little cheer for Retief Goosen, I love these historic  statistics. 7 years between him and Ernie Els winning the same majors, I’d love to see that on the graphics!

Lee Westwood will have to be my 3rd hand choise, explanation above =)

Vijay Sing can create a bit of history aswell, he can be the second best activ player when it comes to winning major championships!

And now to the real fairytale story. Can Tom Watson win again at the age of 59?
No, I don’t think he will win, and frankly for me it is enough that he is up there fighting. Yes sure it would be fun with a new record of age winning a major, but leave the winning to the youngsters, but give them a run for it! A joy to see you play though! Makes you realize that if you play golf, you wont grow “to” old! :D



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  1. 1 Petrify
    August 22, 2009 at 5:57 pm

    Här var det stendött…

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