After watching some of the series X-Files I have to say that I share Fox Mulders and the creator of the X-Files theory about life outside our planet and other occult activities, and maybe even living creatures on our planet that where not here to begin with. (of course this was my belief before The X-Files aswell) Maybe I can even support a theory about a possibility that it was not God that created mankind, not even an evolution that built all living thing on the face of the earth. Who knows what is hiding behind the the truth about what or who created this world we are living in?

It is of course true that humans make up all sorts of stories about seeing things here and there, and has pictures taken that they claim is proof of alien life. 
I have no proof, I’m not gonna try to prove anything, but I am allowed to believe and I do! I can’t see a reason why there should not be intelligent life somewhere else?

When you think of it, you can twist and turn it in all directions, you can speculate in a lot of ways concerning how they look, where they live, how it looks where they live? And you can speculate about if they do have come further than us when it comes to technology? Have they seen us, are they here? What does their UFO’sreally look like if they have aircraft’s? Have they created us?
Ok, that might be taking it a bit far, but what if…..?

I would do almost anything to find out about aliens, and other unexplained phenomenons, I would like to see the end of the universe, actually might be where they live :)
I mean, the universe!!!!! What is the universe? Can you define universe? Nope, it’s pure speculation, ok ok we do know a little about the galaxy we live in, but not a fraction of what there is to know? We are trying so hard to find out if there is life on mars, but if there is life on mars, how does that really concern us? What I wanna know is for example where does the universe end, and of course what is outside of the universe?
This might be answered by becoming friends with an alien? hehe
Come make yourselves acquainted with me and show me what is out there!

Lets just face it, we live in a small place, there are so many things surrounding us that we know nothing about. I’m sure everyone is curious about a lot of things, and I’m sure everyone believes in something they don’t dare to tell? Everyone has their own theory, please tell me what you think is out there, I’m open for suggestions and theories, are you?
Don’t you want to know what is out there, if there is anything?

The earth is a very small planet, it’s a dot in the universe. Of course there is a chance that there is another “earth” out there, people living like we do. But they might not look like us, they might not act like us, they might not even communicate or have any resemblance to our way of living.
I’m so curious, but I know that the possibilities of me getting to know any of this in my lifetime are very small! But of course I hope to get to know something. And if I won’t get any information or proof in this life, I might get it in the next one!

Peace green man ! :D


2 Responses to “Alien Page!”

  1. July 3, 2008 at 1:19 pm

    It’s good to know that there are people out there who aren’t naieve enough to think that we are the only species in this universe.

    Little green men? Why the hell not…

    Judging by a lot of people on this planet, you could be forgiven for thinking we already have aliens!!!


    Peace. x

  2. 2 Petrify
    July 6, 2008 at 1:30 pm

    I think its life some there but it not looks like aliens and star wars etc. I think its like small things in example warer or something.

    The best with X-files is the story about the truth. The epsiods in the middele of the epsiods about the truth is boring after some seasons. But new movie soon too :)

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