My name is Martin Soldan. I live in Örebro Sweden together with my wonderful partner Katja and my daughter Isabell.
This family has something we call damp in swedish, it’s an expresion we use. This means life never gets boring  even if we spend a lot of time together. =D
I’v recently turned 29, Katja is 22 and Isabell is a big strong 2 years and 3 months old :)
But trust me, her mouth is the most active one in this family. She is like a parrot, no sorry, she is worse than a parrot. She speaks lika a 4 year old and she is very clever, a bit to clever if you ask my opinion ;)

To say a little about bit about my interests:
My main interest besides my family I have to say is golf. I love watching golf, it’s an entertaining sport which requires a balance between patiens, tactics and a lot of determination. To many people golf looks so easy, and they say “anyone can do that” be my guest :)
I play golf myself, allthough I’v had a break the last three seasons including this one. Main reason for that is my family situation, and actually a part of it is an economical issue, since I no longer live where I played before and all my golfing friends ramain.

Another interest is not a sport, it’s nothing that you gane anything positive out of really, exept for contacts with other people from around the world!
What I’m talking about is a silly game, called couronne, which I play at a site named Shockplay. This is also the site that is the reason I’m living the life I’m living today, I met Katja there aproximatly 3 and a half years ago.
She was more or less the queen of couronne, and in my opinion noone will ever take that title away from her :)
On shockplay you can compete for elit gold medals, bigger tournaments and cups, you can make your own tournaments where you invite your friends and play to have a good time. But the main thing shockplay is seen as I think is a community. Here are people from all over the world, there is of course both nice people and less nice people. Name one place there isn’t!?
Check it out, you might be lucky like me, both have a good time and find the love of your life :) Try out as logging in as a guest at Shockplay .
On shockplay you can recognize me as Mr Daydreamer, and my partner as Katjziska.

Other interests are movies, different series, sports in general and music.
All this will be displayed sooner or later here at my blog, so keep checking it in, door is always open here.

Enjoy life while you can!


2 Responses to “This is mii, and my familii! ;)”

  1. June 15, 2008 at 7:20 am

    Well written Martin :)

  2. 2 Cheese
    July 13, 2008 at 8:54 pm

    Look, sir är ett fan av Arkiv X och är intresserad början naturliga:)
    Jag kan säga att jag har en hel serie på DVD: D
    Men du måste fortfarande enas berätta för mig vad som är så roligt med golf, som är den mest tråkig sport att människan har uppfunnit:)
    Kanske nästa år du få se hur enkelt det är.
    Dessutom har du en vacker sida, vill du ha lite trevligt att Katja och Isabell? Annars får du mig att göra:)

    Regards from another Martin

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